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When you lose your natural ability to hear clearly, you may feel at a loss on what to do. That's where the Rochester, NY hearing center at Miracle-Ear Rochester can help. We have been helping people restore or improve their ability to hear for over 60 years with complimentary services and quality products that really work.

Our city is a place of learning and exploring. We have prestigious universities and are a center for medical and technological advancement. We also have the wonder of nature to enjoy upstate with forests, rivers, and waterfalls. As one of the most livable cities in the nation, wouldn't you want to enjoy it all with a better sense of hearing?

For most people, hearing loss occurs when damage or trauma affects your inner ear. This happens when you age, when your lifestyle choices have affected the health of your inner ear, or when illness or an accident damages the nerve endings. A range of things can happen as a result. You may find that you lose the ability to hear certain frequencies or cannot hear at certain decibel levels. This can affect your quality of life.

Over 90% of people experiencing problems with their ability to hear can benefit from the services and products we offer. Our complimentary hearing tests can give you a better understanding of how to move forward. We offer fittings and programming so that you can hear the difference. We can help you find a solution the same day you come in and go home to experience life differently right away! If you're not fully satisfied, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Come in to our Rochester, NY hearing center today. Miracle-Ear Rochester also provides ongoing maintenance services such as cleanings and adjustments, too!

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